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Improving hiring quality in 2024 is more than just finding candidates with good resume’s

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In today's competitive marketplace, enhancing a company's bottom line is challenging and heavily reliant on the employees who drive it. Their expertise, experience, problem-solving abilities, and work ethic are crucial for making an impact. The infrastructure of employees is fundamental to a company's success. Young companies with the right talent can overcome challenges posed by larger incumbents, while established companies must hire young talent to maintain their dominance. Finding candidates who can exponentially accelerate growth is invaluable, while poor hires can be detrimental, poisoning teams, creating hostile environments, and costing time and money in legal battles and lost reputation. Remember the adage: "It takes 10 years to build a good reputation and 30 seconds to lose it." Hiring the right people cannot be overstated. An article from LinkedIn states that 54% of recruiters believe "Quality of hire" is a top issue that will shape recruitment over the next five years.

To solve hiring challenges in 2024, a robust hiring process is essential. Resumes and interviews often fall short, leaving employers uncertain about a candidate's true abilities. Recommendations from trusted sources are valuable, but what about recent graduates and those with little or no industry experience? A method offering better insight into a candidate's potential, akin to how the FICO score assesses a loan applicant's ability to repay a loan, would be invaluable. This is where our latest patent-pending innovation, The Knowledge Credibility Score™ or simply KnoCScore™, comes in.

This article discusses some of the problems employers face in today’s hiring environment with the top problem being applicant self-embellishment. Modern job platforms do not solve this critical problem. We will discuss how KnoCScore addresses this issue and solves the challenge of finding and selecting highly qualified individuals.


Based on feedback from hiring managers, it is clear that the KnoCScore™ has the promise to revolutionize the hiring process.

In the spring of 2023, we shared our new approach with hiring managers and friends at various organizations. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Hiring managers not only expressed interest in early access to a list of quality candidates but also wanted to earn a KnoCScore for themselves. It became clear that this capability has the potential to revolutionize the hiring process. Although at the time we did not have a solution for business professionals which resulted in one of the hiring managers telling us to come back when he could have one too. The KnoCScore was for college graduates. Since then, we’ve developed a patent pending solution that satisfies their request.

The KnoCScore provides employers with a concrete understanding of a candidate's knowledge, skills, and some metrics that give deeper insight into a candidates' character. This assessment goes beyond traditional methods, highlighting a candidate's work ethic and engagement with relevant information. By leveraging our innovative methods, we've developed a unique solution that enables employers to fill positions with higher quality candidates.

Finding a perfect candidate may be impossible. The key is to recognize the candidates who will adopt and acquire the skills to solve the harder challenges. In today’s world, despite the promises of several popular platforms, it's still difficult and time-consuming to find good talent.

Job Boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and even LinkedIn do not answer this problem. In some cases they make it harder.

Searching for candidates by posting on job boards like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed can result in a high number of applications. As an article on indeed describes, hiring managers may receive thousands of applicants but find “they aren’t the right candidates for the role”. Indeed recommends redefining the job position and removing the “Nice to Haves that aren’t essential on day one” so that more candidates will match the position. Then consider training them to fit the role. The large volume of applicants results in a high workload to filter through the applicants taking time and effort to find the right candidates. With KnoCScore, hiring managers can quickly filter through the applicants to find the ones who have the knowledge, skills, and experience that qualifies them for the position they need to fill. The solutions they offer are not through their processes. Rather the solutions are either through an AI to assist in some capabilities but not in selection, or by changing information in the posts, or by changing selection criteria.


Job Applicants embellish… A LOT! while hiring processes eliminate qualified candidates.

Another problem hiring managers face when looking for qualified applicants is the sheer number that embellish (lie) about what they’ve accomplished in their past. One article about this states that the higher the degree, the more likely the applicant has added fluff. A survey we quickly found using a simple query on Google stated that 73% of their responses admitted to lying during the hiring process. Another found that over 80% admitted to lying. Understanding this, many larger firms traditionally use strategies such as hiring based on recommendations from someone they trust, or hiring from only a handful of select universities. A top-selling book “The Abundant University” authored by Micheal D. Smith link describes such a process and how many graduates from lesser known universities, who may be equally qualified, are never considered. In his book that is a scathing review of university practices, he primarily discusses the promises of online education. In an explanation for why MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) haven’t upheld their promise, he describes how employers consider graduates from online degrees to be “inferior” to those who attended classes on campus. With recent findings over the past few years such as the highest officer of one of the most prestigious universities, the president of Harvard, violating its own ethical standards by plagiarizing one of her students work, this strategy may not

have the desired results. The end result for this strategy is the selection pool for possible candidates is much smaller, and they miss out on excellent talent. Further, job candidates who lack the right alma-matter, or do not self-elaborate, miss out on better jobs and opportunities.

The bottom line for hiring managers: KnoCScore equals Better Talent, Faster Processes, and Cost Savings.

The KnoCScore is unquestionable data. Employers can be certain that the score is an actual representation of the individual’s knowledge, experience, and skills. Not only can hiring managers believe the information they are seeing, they can also reduce the processes needed to sort through candidates half-truths. This speeds up their hiring processes, saves them time as well as alleviates the added expenses needed for these purposes. This allows them to hire highly qualified talent before another company does, and saves them money.


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